Wednesday, September 9, 2009

of trash painting

Jovi would like to show you what I've been up to today.
Since I am incapable of keeping anything alive (including my apple whose power cable just bit-it) and the season is about to change to fall (which is, coincidentally, what my spirits are doing- falling) I decided to use some of the trash I've saved to paint some little made-up plants.
This wood was the surface of my book cutter before it was left out in someone's yard. I love the way the wood weathered, and after a quick sand, it was easy-peasy to paint on. (I used gouache for the first time, and I may be in love.)

While Jovi is helping me style the trash-art, Angel is working on a plot against Apple. While I don't support her 100 percent in her plans (which could get someone hurt) I understand her motives. I mean, replacing a power cable for a laptop under warranty should be easier than
(a) driving to Bellevue tomorrow which is the earliest a genius can see me, to wait 20 minutes for them to get to me and say "Yep, the power cable is not working. You were right. Let me just disappear to the back for an hour and see if I can find one of the hundreds of replacements back there."
(b) waiting 5 business days for them to send the part to me. 5 days!
(c) or (this is my favourite) "You can come to the store in Bellevue, buy the part, use it till a genius can see you in a couple of days, then return it." Oh, did I mention they have a restocking fee?
It should be mentioned that Angel doesn't have anything in particular against Apple. She just needs a target for her kitty-rage; and I'm not even so mad anymore because really, what am I doing on the computer all day?
I should just paint more trash.


  1. that's Angel's collar, not her tongue. Her tongue has a totally different tattoo on it.

  2. I love your painted trash. And I love your cat (I love all cats). If my plants die, I might have to paint some trash as well. BUT MY PLANTS BETTER NOT DIE!

  3. Those are beautiful Ali! I would NOT consider them to resembel anything trash-like :-P

    When are you coming down to P-town? Are you staying the whole weekend?

  4. You got such good shots of your kitties!!! cute! And your plants are really pretty. I picture a whole wall of flowers and plants! I am obsessed with using old bits of wood to cover an wall... hmmmm. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm impressed you refrained from using parentheses when referring to the Apple store employees. I would have been sorely tempted to type "genius."