Friday, September 25, 2009

comma Spider Haters.

It's not what you think. I swear.
I have written before about how much spiders love me. Now, this love is unrequited, and so it would just be cruel to compound their disappointment by destroying them just when they come out to share their feelings.
Enter the Spider Box (Patent Pending). The Spider Box is any small box with a dark interior that has a lid that can be removed. It functions by offering a dark place for the critter to hide after you have terrorized it by chasing, by teasing, and with cats. Once it goes into the dark to hide, you can put the lid on and take the whole box outside. (The Spider Box works best when there is a man to do all this for you.)

This particular box was cramping my style because it was a highly branded, highly emo, ipod box with John Lennon staring at me. I could not, with good conscience, put a spider into that box, so I covered it with a sweet rendition of their MORTAL ENEMY– THE BIRD.
bwahaha- spider.

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