Monday, April 27, 2009

snap design bags.

I want each and every one of the Snap Design shoulder bags.

Don't you? There are just a couple of problems, that I fixed on mine (below). The strap comes at 38". I can not be expected to hold onto a bag,  I can only be responsible for messenger bags that hold on to me. This requires about 56" of strap (remedied with a few feet of webbing from REI.) I also added a little snap (Snap Design does not include snaps. I'll let you think that over.) to hold my stuff in. 

Vinyl bags are the perfect option for weather like this.

of the closet door.

Patrick's been hard at work patching and painting the guest bedroom (which was a huge mess when we moved in.) We want to replace the closet doors eventually, but I have to decide what we want. (You heard me.)

The doors right now are mirrored, and one of them is cracked all the way across. It is impossible to look at a broken mirror without feeling cursed, so I thought I might do our guests a favor and cam-ou-flage.

Enter hand-cut bits and strips of white contact paper. I tried my best to not worry about it being too perfect. I can always replace it!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

of my paper cutter

It might be ugly, but it's fantastic.

When Patrick was acquiring my (underused) letter press the person selling it pointed to a pile of parts and rotten wood and said "You can have that for free, if you want it."
Patrick, being my trusty researcher, and having spent many late hours in the design workroom with me, recognized a jewel in the rough.

It's a book cutter (clamps and cuts many sheets of paper at once), and after he sharpened the blade, and replaced the platform, it works great! 
Total investment - approx $20
Total Value - Priceless!

and no, I will not be using it for anything other than paper.

I made a score pad

While I am spending the morning at home, trying to remind myself that life is worth living (even though there are headaches), I thought I would share the project I finished last night.

Using my trusty paper cutter, laser printer, padding compound, and scrap paper (collected by good people) I made a score pad for Rook Shanghai.

Rachel (of Camp Smartypants fame) introduced this game to the crowd at a game night, and it's become one of my favorites because you have to use your brain, it's faster than Phase 10, and I sometimes win.

A couple of notes -
•To obscure the original purpose of the paper, I scanned and printed a playing card pattern across the "bad" side.
•I used 2 BIG playing cards, spraymounted together, as a backing to the pad.
•The little pens came from Office Depot. They are sooooo ccuuuutttteee.
•To make the hole for the pen to fit in, I punched two round holes and cut with an Xacto knife to connect them.

Yay for game playing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

comma Earth Day

So I know I'm almost late with this, but I thought I would give my nod to Earth Day.
Here are ways I do my part to save mother nature

• I obsess over every piece of trash. It could be important! It could be saved!
• I lecture people who use their space heaters. My lecturing should produce enough heat to warm the office.
• I eat everything on my plate (and sometimes what's on Patrick's, if it's a dessert.)
• I buy things on clearance, because if I don't they might become trash.
• I do research on any earth-related question that strikes me. Sometimes I learn things this way.
• I make things out of trash (more to come tomorrow.)

I don't mean to be immodest, but I am pretty great.

I have a protector.

C*, the legendary Rubber warrior, landed his trusty avian steed and prepared to fight.
No man is a match for the nameless master when he dons his mask and releases his weapons.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I work with some pretty neat people.

Today I got a little indirect inspiration from Kerri Smith's 100 ideas and decided to ask all of my swell coworkers to draw an office supply (or 2... or 3... or 4...) and I put them all together in a sloppy little drawer. 

I absolutely love all the different styles, and they all work together so well... like we do.

(enough corny stuff. click on the image to see it bigger. thanks to those of you who spent your break doing this!)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I might be warming up to wood-grain

I'm being won-over by wood grain. Could be the influence of my walls.
It's everywhere...

Woodgrain Blanketcloth

these papers make me smile

Since I left the Paper Zone over two years ago, the paper stock has not changed much. However, today I discovered these great papers, that made me smile.

The top two are from French Paper, and are called "Mod-Tone". The ones that PZ carry are very reminiscent of the inside of security envelopes, but there are several other great patterns on the Mod-Tone website. The pattern is small, and the tones subtle. In text and cover it would make for a fun identity program.

The bottom one is, indeed, wood-grain textured. I didn't get the name of this one, because Patrick was patiently waiting. It comes in several colors, and the grain is actually pressed into the paper, not printed.

Check them out, and horde them (like me!)

*Update- The wood textured paper is Gmund Savanna.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

because you're special

because you sent me a zipped file.
(I'm not gonna say what kind of special.)


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm retiring Book 2

It's about time, the thing is in tatters, and contains nothing of substance.
On to Book 3!

I'm sorry I blocked anonymouse

I just realized I had anonymous comments blocked on here. Some people might think that anonymous users should be blocked, but how can I get secret love letters if I block them?
And how can I make Patrick jealous without secret love letters?
Bring it on!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

good kitties.

Last week we had to say bye to Blayz, who was a great kitty. She recently moved up here with Kat, and I loved having her around.
We got Cleo (left) and Blayz (right) when we were just kids, and they were the kind of cats that make dog people jealous. Cleo passed away over a year ago, and Blayz has missed him ever since. I secretly hope that their ghosts will go haunt our folks (who miss them even though they would never admit it.)


Saturday, April 4, 2009

of my active imagination

So one day I stepped out of the car and saw the flattest clipboard ever. It was in a deserted school parking lot, but I could almost hear the whole scenario. Clipboard goes out the window of a school bus, kids laugh, tire collides...
A flat clipboard could be a little pathetic, but this one had a great life.

we went to see the daffodils

Kat, Patrick and I drove up to Mount Vernon to see the daffodils in bloom. There was a lot of yellow, and a fair share of orange, but I did not let that ruin my time.
Check out my photo site for more photos of the trip, and the side trip to Anacortes.