Saturday, April 11, 2009

these papers make me smile

Since I left the Paper Zone over two years ago, the paper stock has not changed much. However, today I discovered these great papers, that made me smile.

The top two are from French Paper, and are called "Mod-Tone". The ones that PZ carry are very reminiscent of the inside of security envelopes, but there are several other great patterns on the Mod-Tone website. The pattern is small, and the tones subtle. In text and cover it would make for a fun identity program.

The bottom one is, indeed, wood-grain textured. I didn't get the name of this one, because Patrick was patiently waiting. It comes in several colors, and the grain is actually pressed into the paper, not printed.

Check them out, and horde them (like me!)

*Update- The wood textured paper is Gmund Savanna.

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