Thursday, April 23, 2009

I made a score pad

While I am spending the morning at home, trying to remind myself that life is worth living (even though there are headaches), I thought I would share the project I finished last night.

Using my trusty paper cutter, laser printer, padding compound, and scrap paper (collected by good people) I made a score pad for Rook Shanghai.

Rachel (of Camp Smartypants fame) introduced this game to the crowd at a game night, and it's become one of my favorites because you have to use your brain, it's faster than Phase 10, and I sometimes win.

A couple of notes -
•To obscure the original purpose of the paper, I scanned and printed a playing card pattern across the "bad" side.
•I used 2 BIG playing cards, spraymounted together, as a backing to the pad.
•The little pens came from Office Depot. They are sooooo ccuuuutttteee.
•To make the hole for the pen to fit in, I punched two round holes and cut with an Xacto knife to connect them.

Yay for game playing.


  1. So cool! You are amazing :-) I need to come over now and play!

  2. Alison these are soo! cute!

  3. I must know this game. I must know this game now!

  4. This is similar to Five Crowns. We also play Grouch. I LOVE all rummy games!

  5. Why hello there! My friend, Rachel, pointed out that you made these here score cards for Rook Shanghai. I would just like to say how AMAZING you are for making these score cards because, ahem... I am always the one who is forced to keep score, and it kind of sucks having to draw the whole thing out. So bravo! Got any for sale? ;-)