Monday, October 26, 2009

of this unremarkable photo that I am remarking on.

So I'm tired, and self-obsessing a bit. The result of this is the hunt for a new profile picture. For a while I've hidden behind the adorable, yet dated, photo of myself as a baby– but I am no longer sure that it sends the right message. (How can a baby write a blog? And who has ever heard of a baby graphic designer with issues?)

I think I have found a photo that will suffice, and in my 4AM delirium, I thought I would share its hidden depths.

Fig. A - The hair. Oh, the hair. The hair has a mind of its own. Where is it going? Who knows.

Fig. B - The eyes are some ambiguous shade that is not brown.

Fig. C - The smile says, "I am vaguely amused, but stop photographing me."

Fig. D - The strap across my shoulder belongs to one of my many messenger bags. I always have a messenger bag on, and it always contains a deck of cards, a pen, a pencil, 2 moleskine notebooks, and my ipod.

Fig. E - I am wearing black because I own a lot of black things. I like black clothes a bunch. Black.

Fig. F- I am in front Trevi fountain which is actually as blurry in real life as it looks in this photo. This shows that once I had my photo taken in Rome. This is important for everyone to know.

I hope that this has served to show all of you that I am not a baby writing a blog. I am actually quite grown up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

of technical difficulties

this is...

It's 50 degrees outside. There was frost on the ground this morning.
I am less than eager for the weather of the coming months- but every once in a while I see something like this lonely tree, and I'm a little less grumpy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

of Slide Sideways

Wow! Another give-away! This time it's a great little print from slide sideways. Click here to visit their blog for the details.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

of Camp Smartypants

Rachel over at Camp Smartypants is doing a giveaway of her awesome garland (shown here). Click here to go to the giveaway instructions on her blog.