Monday, October 26, 2009

of this unremarkable photo that I am remarking on.

So I'm tired, and self-obsessing a bit. The result of this is the hunt for a new profile picture. For a while I've hidden behind the adorable, yet dated, photo of myself as a baby– but I am no longer sure that it sends the right message. (How can a baby write a blog? And who has ever heard of a baby graphic designer with issues?)

I think I have found a photo that will suffice, and in my 4AM delirium, I thought I would share its hidden depths.

Fig. A - The hair. Oh, the hair. The hair has a mind of its own. Where is it going? Who knows.

Fig. B - The eyes are some ambiguous shade that is not brown.

Fig. C - The smile says, "I am vaguely amused, but stop photographing me."

Fig. D - The strap across my shoulder belongs to one of my many messenger bags. I always have a messenger bag on, and it always contains a deck of cards, a pen, a pencil, 2 moleskine notebooks, and my ipod.

Fig. E - I am wearing black because I own a lot of black things. I like black clothes a bunch. Black.

Fig. F- I am in front Trevi fountain which is actually as blurry in real life as it looks in this photo. This shows that once I had my photo taken in Rome. This is important for everyone to know.

I hope that this has served to show all of you that I am not a baby writing a blog. I am actually quite grown up.


  1. Ali, you look so so pretty! Come to portland. Now. We will sing and dance and play games and do crafts and watch movies and cook and go to SCRAP and have fun fun fun :-P