Monday, November 2, 2009

my Halloween meant fun with cats

With the absence of any other plans Halloween night, Patrick and I made our own fun. Namely, fun with cats and zombie shooters.
Doesn't Angel look fantastic in her costume? Let me tell you, SHE LOVED IT. She showed that love by trying to remove it at any cost.
Unfortunately, none of our other Halloween Night photos turned out, so we had a reenactment the next day.

This photo shows Angel in a more accurate light...

Jovi decided to be a princess. I think she liked all the feathers and tulle that she could attack.

Oh, I dressed as a housewife, and made this stew (minus the celery, gross.) It was FANTASTIC! (I made the pieces smaller so it would cook better.)
Hope yours was great, send me your dress up photos!


  1. I don't like celery either... ick.

    Your costume is awesome! I dig the glasses. And the cats look cute. I let Berger be his own scary self this halloween, but maybe next year I'll make him wear a tutu.

  2. this sounds like a lot of the stuff I made on the fly and fed to your sister last winter. ;)

  3. oh gosh! Jovi is hilarious in her princess outfit! and YOU are so cute! :)