Tuesday, November 10, 2009

and I am getting organized

One of the most difficult and satisfying things I can do with my time is using it to get organized. When I finally figure out a method to keep up with myself, I usually get more done and forget less. I used to have a daily calendar at my day job, and I've been looking for a replacement to-do list. I tried a digital one, but that doesn't work for the day-to-day tasks I need to juggle.

So, voila, a little daily to-do pad. I printed out 26 weeks (half a year), trimmed, and stapled the pad.

Oh- and I've uploaded the file here, just in case it will work for you, too. (Click on your preferred color below to open the pdf.)


  1. great calendar, I printed a couple of the blue Thank you. very cool

  2. how dare you try and keep the rest of us organized!