Friday, May 21, 2010

so lets get to it : Part One

I am ready to get this Design Mommy thing started... I feel like jumping into it and letting it grow as it grows. This is a community I'm trying to build here, and I'm only going to start with the basics.

Just to refresh you, Design Mommy will be a blog community where people can
• send in questions about materials, tools, processes, etc.
• send in-process artwork/graphics/craft for constructive criticism
• write editorials about the arts, or whatever makes sense
• any other ideas?
to be answered by the blog contributors and anyone out there who feels up the the challenge.

Basic One - We need a name.
Let's not kid ourselves. Design Mommy won't really work for what I have in mind.
I'm brainstorming...
• Art Support
• Take a step back
• Crafty Fixes
• Artful Solutions
• Adventures in Creationing
• Adventures in Making
• Help me, I'm stuck.

I'm not sure anything's really doing it for me, so I need you help to ride this mania-driven creating frenzy.

(Although I'm liking Adventures in Making.... and it spells AIM which is fun...)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I kept my hands busy with this jersey flower.

I feel like I've been mending, reconstructing, and adjusting clothing a lot lately. Here's an example. I bought this shirt in a darker gray, DIRT CHEAP.
You can tell why, right? It was a great gray color but the little tabs on the shoulder, which are supposed to be... leaves?... look more like loose dragon scales. So I took them off, and was left with all these little jersey petals...

I kinda think it's cute.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

of people who remember birthdays with cards.

I am seldom one of them. Isn't that horrible? Hopefully having a stash of great "Happy (Martha*) Day" cards will help me in the future. You should get your own stash.

The cards come blank, then you get to personalize them. Like this...
Isn't that special? You get to choose pink or blue, and don't forget I'm happy to do a special color for you!
That's the end of the new designs for right now. Hope you liked them! (let me know.)

*example of a super great person I forgot to send a card to. Happy Martha Day!