Sunday, May 20, 2012

of crafty times

We had a craft/making day on Saturday here at the house. We all did our own thing.... gorgeous box elevation, knitting, watercolor painting, nail painting, doodles, and glass etching (Which I'll show you later.)

 It was tons o' fun.
and it looked like this...

If you make a face when I photograph you, it will show up on the blog. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

that now being organized is even more fun.

I've been using the FlipOver books for over a year now- and I knew it was time for a version that's a little less serious...

So here you go- I just added the blue/green FlipOver2 to the FlipOver Planning collection. Each booklet will hook to any of the other FlipOver books so that you can make your own planning awesomeness.

NEW THINGS - Each book has a unique color print on the inside. The monthly planning books now each contain two months of planning instead of one (so you don't have to change out as often.) Everything else is just prettier and more blue!

Now here's a mess of eye candy.

and ignited

I thought I would share this design I did for Sam Houston State University's Ignite the Night event. Yay for teal!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm trying to grow things.

The sun is finally out, so P and I are trying to overcome our black thumbs and plant a few things around the house.

Rosemary, mint, mint, mint, strawberry....

a mixed herb grouping from Trader Joes.... (Just moved it into a MUCH larger pot. It exploded to fill it.)

and some basil in the window.

Let's hope they survive long enough for me to EAT THEM. (bwahahahahaha)

Monday, May 7, 2012

that I got Elevated (Envelopes).

Here it is- my stack of Elevated Envelopes (otherwise known as an awesome way to de-hoard business envelopes, and doodle like crazy.)

Each of my envelopes is actually a doodle book made of repurposed junk mail. (It's my thing....)

I simply grouped, trimmed and stitched the envelopes into books and sealed them...

with a pull string (made by machine-sewing label paper, cutting it into strips and leaving a little thread on the end to pull.)

Jovi doesn't approve, but hopefully the recipients do.

Hopefully they get them, tear 'em open, and doodle like nuts.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


When it comes to home decoration, I mostly stick to clean lines, and solid colors but these babies have blown my mind! Wild Chairy