Monday, May 7, 2012

that I got Elevated (Envelopes).

Here it is- my stack of Elevated Envelopes (otherwise known as an awesome way to de-hoard business envelopes, and doodle like crazy.)

Each of my envelopes is actually a doodle book made of repurposed junk mail. (It's my thing....)

I simply grouped, trimmed and stitched the envelopes into books and sealed them...

with a pull string (made by machine-sewing label paper, cutting it into strips and leaving a little thread on the end to pull.)

Jovi doesn't approve, but hopefully the recipients do.

Hopefully they get them, tear 'em open, and doodle like nuts.


  1. LOVE these! Your doodles are so fun!

  2. They are seriously awesome! I love what you did - even if Jovi is being a snob ;)