Friday, September 25, 2009

comma Ugly Books

This might sound ridiculous to you social butterflies, but I think my favourite part of London was a little chain bookstore in Victoria Station. The only thing that made the shop special (besides the fact that it was a glorious escape from the hideous bustle of the crowds outside) was that the books cover designs were fantastic. I was tempted to buy all the ones I thought were great, but was limited by funds and packing space (we were traveling with backpacks.) We ended up getting these two-
The first (I am Legend- which is nothing like the movie by the same name) is simple, strange, and features rounded corners.
The second was part of a set of Neil Gaiman's books, all published in matte black with foil icons. Someday I will either have millions of dollar to spend at my whim, or the moral flexibility and skill necessary to smuggle a whole set of books out the door. (It's about quality AND quantity.)
Out of context, maybe these aren't so impressive. Definitely not compared to these beautiful photos of the new Penguin Classics.

I thought I'd share a few more of my shelf favourites. They are a mixed batch, from old (Pride and Prejudice from '62) to new (don't you just love the red pages in Christopher Moore's book?), to more from overseas (my goal is to have each HP book from a different country, I'm nearly halfway through.)
Since you're reading, will you send me photos of your favourite covers?

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  1. I see that no one in my little group of friends reads books. Is this because you are illiterate?
    Poor babies. (;