Monday, August 16, 2010

we were there for 3 days.

Day 3 found us at a very overpriced attraction- the Biltmore.

60 dollars does not buy you any pictures of the inside (although you can buy a photo of yourself in there for another tidy sum) so I only have this photo of the front...
and these (illegal) photos of us on the back porch.
There are plans at work behind those smiling eyes. While the Biltmore is a bit overgrown, I have found aspects of the house I would like to work into my future abode.
• A library for instance, could be filled easily. (I would redecorate.)
• A billiard room would be home to games and merry times.
• An indoor pool is a necessity.
• A personal bowling alley might be nice.
• Of course, lets not forget the view. If I even move out of this house, the view is going to have to be spectacular.
(That's what's behind us in the other pictures.) As we were leaving, a thunderstorm moved in, making a fun day even better.
We hid out in the winery (most of the Biltmore grapes are from California, Oregon, and Washington) till the storm passed. When we got back to the hotel room we realized that something had made our hands very large, and we spent a while picking cars off the highway.
Asheville in summary - If I didn't get the point across before, the food was delicious, and vegetarian friendly. The shops were modern and trendy. There are street markets (I bought a neato shirt from circles&squares after spending several minutes trying to pick just one.) The town square was full of electronic music, dreadlocks, and hula hoops. Best of all, it was warm and had proper thunderstorms.
Thumbs up Asheville!

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