Thursday, August 26, 2010

so play zonk - part 1

A while back a friend brought the game ZONK into our weekly game night. It only needs six dice to play, and is fast paced enough to wake us up when it's late.

I've put the instructions below, OR if you want, click on the image above to download a printable pdf (front and back) with instructions tiny enough to fit in with your dice. Give it a try, and I bet you'll like it.

To Play
Each player takes turns throwing six dice. They remove the scoring dice from the original six, and choose whether or not to roll the unscoring dice again. If/when there are no unscoring dice, the player can to roll all six, adding the new 
scoring dice. A roll with no scoring dice is a ZONK and ends the players round with no score.

To Begin
All players must score 500+ points in a round without Zonking to get on the board. After, each player chooses when to end their turn, 
and their ending score is added to their total.

The End
When a player reaches 9,500+ points, they can
not stop rolling till they reach or exceed 10,000 pts. Each remaining player gets one chance to beat that score.

• Six of a kind = INSTANT WIN!
• Six dice straight = 2500 pts
• Two triplets = 1500 pts
• Three pairs = 1000 pts
• Three of a kind = # x 100 pts
(Three 1’s = 1000 pts)
• Each 1 = 100 pts
• Each 5 = 50 pts

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