Wednesday, June 2, 2010

in the meantime...

I know, I know, but my sister said "Don't you name it Owlbert," so I had to.

More radio silence over here... for a couple of good reasons. ONE, the weather is horrible and I can't seem to shake the "it should be summer" blues. TWO, I'm assigning myself (and my helper) big projects to get the season rolling.

First project was a little kitchen repaint that Patrick did. (I will reveal what shade of Alisonblue it is soon.)

Second has been to address the reupholstery of this little mid-century gem. The upholstery was necessary because the moment we brought it home it was sat upon and mishapen by the cats. (Can you see the cat imprint?)
Additionally, the upholstery fabric made Jovi do this...
Which seems like the first line of a very sad story.

Anyways, we just have a couple of steps to go to finish the arduous task. Then I'll show you the final piece, and maybe a couple of progress shots.

(BTW, this burgundy fabric is the result of an unwise recovering. Originally, in 1966, it was covered in avocado green vinyl and had 5 lovely buttons on each back cushion.)

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  1. Hullo Owlbert.

    I'm excited to see the progress shots. And hey... your cat is pretty cute.