Sunday, June 20, 2010

because I have a kitten.

I decided to say yes to the mewing of my biological clock, and we have recently acquired this fellow.
I know, he's just hideous. We haven't named him yet- waiting for the right name. I wanted to name him Baskerville...

but it just didn't stick.

He's currently in a room by himself, which the other cats are watching all the time. Should be fun when we introduce everyone.

He is VERY vocal, VERY friendly, and VERY playful. It is difficult to get a good shot.

Anyone have any name suggestions? We've been considering Booth (after david boreanaz on Bones) because Angel is named after "Angel". All suggestions welcome!

**Edited- Acquired is now spelled correctly, and a new photo was added.


  1. ahhhh, LOVE Booth! I hated Angel but LOVE Bones.

    How about Eliot, as in T.S.? I like the different spelling.

    It is also my civic duty to point out that it is "aCquired". ;-p

  2. Do you need some Kitten Mittens???
    Is he just tooo loud???

  3. He reminds me SO much of Berger when he was a kitten. I love that he has a black nose and a white chin. Names we thought of before Berger:

    -Fernando. It was hard to wisely shorten.
    -Gaiden. Nah.
    -Bergkatze. This was his name for two years until we realized that it was the female form in German, so we changed it to the male form - Berger. It means mountain cat or something.

    Good luck naming him. It was a hell of a process for us, haha. And still, people ask me, "Why the hell did you name him after fast food?"



  5. OMG! He is soooo cute! Congrats you guys! :)

    I'll have to come visit soon ♥

  6. Adorable!! So cute. He reminds me a lot of Bandit. I love calling him Cooper :).