Sunday, March 15, 2009

I made bracelets for St. Patrick's Day

I will be sporting one or both of these buggers on Tuesday, so don't expect to catch me unawares. With the exception of the button, I had all of this around the house, which still does not prove I'm a pack-rat.

The first bracelet is just a large paperclip, embroidery floss, and a drop of glue. 
(1) Bend the paperclip around, and in, and around, and in, and over and over to make the clover shape. (The orange drawing on the entry above shows how it works.)
(2) Attach a knotted end of embroidery floss to the stem with glue, and wrapped the wire in floss. 
(3) Cry as everything comes unwound everytime you move your fingers.
(4) Yell at someone for "getting in your light". (Could be roomate, husband, or pet.) This is an important part of the process.
(5) Realize you are going to have to start all over again. Pour glass of Irish Whiskey to get in the spirit.
(6) Repeat steps 2 through 4. Tie lots of knots.
(7) Have more whiskey to reward yourself for getting the clover wrapped.
(8) Relearn friendship bracelets. Take a trip down memory lane.
(9) Tie the thing to your wrist. It better be sturdy cause you are never going to try that again.

The second bracelet is a better project for the sane. It is simply a piece of ribbon, some contrasting floss, and a pretty button.
(1) Cut ribbon to a length that will tie around your wrist.
(2) Place in embroidery hoop (if you have one). 
(3) Make small, somewhat even, stitches across the ribbon till you get to the middle.
(4) Sew the button on.
(5) Continue stitches. Make a knot at the end.
(6) Thank goodness you didn't do the first bracelet.

Wow, that was a lot of talking. I'm exhausted.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

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