Monday, October 29, 2012

does that surprise you?

I Elevated some Envelopes again (if I do say so myself.) The theme of this season was "Malicious Surprise" and so I decided to make an interactive envelope to extend the suspense.

Each envelope is a tiny bit different (I did them by hand, after all), but each has the same paint-by-number styled surprise.

I included a mailable brush (adapted to be as flat as possible), a palate of watercolors, instructions to "paint in the * spaces", and several extra pages for water color doodling or postcard sending. 

I am all about the multipurpose. You might be so clever that you can tell what the surprise is from these photos, but if you can't, and can't live without knowing, click the next photo for a deconstruction of Tara's envelope.

Also, stay tuned- I might have painted versions to share from my pen-pals.

Wanna see what I did last time? Or the time before?

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  1. wow! This is impressive! I love the mailable paint kit and the surprise :)