Thursday, January 28, 2010

of the winner who is...

I had a load of fun going through everyone's ideas... and it was really hard to pick! I like that Jacqui's entry left it up to the card giver whether they want to be nice, or mean ("you know what kind of special.") Knowing Jacqui, she just meant it in the nice way.

A couple of the other ones that made me giggle were--- "I'm too sexy for your cat." , "TWSS", "I love you, smelly", "Can I touch your feet?", and of course many of them were super sweet. Thanks for playing! You are all my Valentines!

Make sure to check out my first Valentine offering at my Etsy shop, and be on the looks out for the candy heart cards soon!


  1. Congrats Jacqui! That's definitely I card I would buy, except it would be because I'm saucy :).

  2. Yay, thank you Alison! I can't wait to receive it!