Tuesday, January 12, 2010

it's that time again.

Patrick made coffee in my favourite mug*, and I was reminded (not for the first time, due to the displays of all the groceries and department stores) that it's that time again.

Valentines! Which happens to be one of my favourite times of the year, because it means Alison Day is coming! (I know, I'm terribly self centered- but you minions should know that I am trying to correct this.)

So I started a two-part action.
(1) Design valentines cards- Which are consisting of two designs that I hand-carved from lino block. I haven't printed them yet, lets hope they turn out and don't look too folky.

(2) Looking for other fun valentines designs. This was amazingly un-fruitful. Besides this fun thing, this, adorable this, and some of the less creepy things on this blog, I was lacking in new inspiration.

Please please please send me some more to look at, people. I need to be fully immersed in the season, and spending all day in the seasonal area of Target is NOT an option. (They keep giving me weird looks.)

* This mug Copyright Allie+Cesca, a division of Rosanna Inc.
Designed and Illustrated by Alison Lang (me!)

EDITED 12:44 - okay let's add... this
and of course Rachel's adorable pouch that reminds me of a simpler time...


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  2. Hah. My ex's philosophy is that Valentines Day is stupid because people should treat each other nice every day of the year. His philosophy sucks. I'm super glad we broke up.

    Valentines Day is chocolate love.

  3. I try to encourage people who don't like "Valentines Day" to celebrate "Alison Eve" instead.

    Alison Eve is traditionally celebrated by giving gifts to your loved ones (and buying Alison gifts for Alison Day).


  4. ooooh, I had a good little spam comment-- I hope that doesn't keep happening.