Tuesday, June 23, 2009

of the Brambly Book Wood

Sorry I haven't posted in a little while - I have a couple of projects going, and my mom's coming to visit (yay!) I'll show you what I've got going on soon... meanwhile...

I wanted to point y'all to these fantastic illustrations that Cari introduced me to, from the Bookwood. I especially love the The little girl with a curl's Horrid Alphabet series. (Because I am that girl.)

Spend some time on Celia's website here and blog here.


  1. you are totally that little girl. ;) love it.

  2. What beautiful work!!

    Thank You for your kind comment over at my blog, I'd be thrilled if you would like to use an image (please just link back to my blog and give credits). :)

    Oh, and the 'M' initial cup is very sweet! My lovely mama in law gave it to me last week as a kind gift....and I love it so!!