Monday, March 25, 2013

and a groggy moggy

Patrick's been doing some of his own crafting- and he started out by making a variety of apple beverages. (I can't drink beer.) He's got a knack for it- and I decided to brand it with one of our own groggy moggies, Jovi.

We've just finished labeling the first batch of beer, but the bottles shown here were from our Molasses and Apple Juice Experiment. (I should note- it really will kick your molasses.)

We're being thrifty, so I designed the wrap to cover as much bottle as possible (to cover the label of the beer it used to be, if we can't get that label off.) I've been printing each run on extra sheets of text-stock I have lying around from my paper mania days. The design, which includes brewing notes, is taped all kattywompus with black artist tape.

Here's a shot I took of an early bottle with my phone. The elusive Apfelwein. Now endangered.