Friday, January 27, 2012

of awesome meds.

Hawaii gave me a cold. I will forgive it, because it was so great to me otherwise.

Back home, we made a Target run and found this amazing collection of first-aid packets. Each is titled after your problem
"Help I can't sleep"
"Help, I have a headache"
and the like.

BUT my favorite part is that each packet has a quirky little quip on the back. If you see them at the store take a minute to read them... the headache one was my favorite (for obvious reasons.)
Help I have a headache does not contain Red Dye #40. If you enjoy dye, you will have to eat it separately.


  1. Funny, I was just talking about these to my coworkers today. I saw them at Walgreens, though. I didn't read the backs, I wish I did!

  2. those are great!! and seriously, you could have wrote that quip on the back! hilarious and so you! :)