Monday, January 3, 2011

it's 2011...

(Photo to come... I hope.)

To jump on the bandwagon, here are my New Year's hopes and dreams...

• Buy more, from people who make stuff.
I've always been a sort of frugal shopper, which meant I bought a lot... of stuff... at target... on clearance. Much of it has gone straight to Goodwill. As a craftsperson, this is a habit (read: lifestyle) that I must break in order to live with myself.
PS: anyone know where I can get a nice gray cotton scarf and some skirts?

• Make everything exercise.
I mean, it can be right? Papermaking can be lunges (I learned tonight) and I can get more steps into my day by making more trips down the length of Parkside. More to do, means less time to focus on keeping healthy... and that is me you see working my quads in the grocery line.

• Make more out of everything.
Make more of my time, make more stuff, make more blog posts, make meals last longer, make everyday happier.

• Embrace spring/summer with reckless abandon.
Me and this weather got to figure out some sort of way to get along. My requests for extended and plentiful warmth have gone unheeded. If this keeps up, there will be consequences.
But at the same time, I am going to be outside, moving, dancing, biking, hiking, dreaming, as long as the weather holds... you just watch me.

• Remember every day how fantastically luck I am to be in a beautiful part of the world and have great friends (a group in which my sister and husband firmly belong), great family, and an enviable life.

(You're just jealous.)


  1. You're so Awesome! I love all your goals for 2011! We've been making ours too, but I might have to take a few of yours for my own.

    P.S. 26 years spent in the NW, I've given up on lots of warm days, but I'm happy to say I'm finally getting over it.

  2. Yay! I love your goal list! I had so much fun crafting with you on Monday. I'll send you the photos soon! We HAVE to do it again this year :)