Wednesday, April 28, 2010

because I Give a Hoot

Spring is definitely in the air, and in my new card designs.
First there is the blue-green combination of my owly card, "Because I Give a Hoot." Perfect for anyone, or anything you care about. (Shop for it here.)

Then there's a sweet little pink blossom thank-you that was much inspired by all of the beautiful blooming fruit trees. (Including the apple tree right outside the door.)

The last card (today) is for that occasion when you know that words are not enough. (Find it here.)

There are a few more designs, and more color combinations coming... just you wait and see.


  1. oh gosh! these are soo fun! I am loving the were always so good at coming up with such clever phrases!

  2. OMG! I LOVE the owl! Will you do other color combos for that one? I know you'd hate it, but I'd love to see one with the color *gasp*orange*cough* :) You'll definitely need to bring some of these down with you this weekend. I for sure want a few of the owl card!

    Btw- I got the bday cards and love them! I plan to use the purple one tomorrow for my sisters birthday :)

  3. Good stuff - the owl is sooo cute!