Monday, February 15, 2010

it's my bird-day

Well it's been a pretty great one- I got to hang out with a bunch of friends, went to Carmelita for a fantastic Valentine's dinner, and Patrick's making fresh pasta right now.

I am spoiled.

Jacqui, of Slide Sideways fame, made these delicious red velvet cupcakes... without the red! Kat debuted her awesome tattoo, and I opened my mailbox one day to find this adorable package peeking out.

It seems that Rachel of Camp Smartypants sent me a package so cute that the US Postal Service didn't have the heart to decimate it. This is a first. Inside was an charming little paper birdcage, bird,

and tag.

You can find the basic tutorial here- but of course Rachel added her own flavor.

Did I mention that I now have two great products from Slide Sideways? I've given into tea towels, and can't wait to put up this peaceful print in the guest room.

Not to keep talking about all the things I have (and you don't cause you're not as special as me) but I also got about a book a day from my mom, and now I am up to my ears in Madeline Brent. My dear husband gave me another reason to get nothing done by giving me some devastatingly distracting toys.

Whoah- anyways, in other news, I've got a new card design I will reveal very soon... keep watching.


  1. Happy Birthday! Those are some great gifts!

  2. Happy Birthday to you again! That bird cage is seriously so cute! You forgot to mention your Kat's amazing banana pudding, that was really good too!

  3. Daannggg! you made out! I am sorry we couldn't come, Nick and I only got more coughy as the day went. :) I miss you and we will get together soon!

  4. Yay! I'm so glad the birdie made it to you safe and sound. So sorry to miss the party