Wednesday, December 23, 2009

of my winter trip (part 1)

The radio silence here is for a very good reason. I am in Texas for a bit, visiting family and friends and

making new friends of squirrelies

and ducks

trying to obey the rules (it is quite warm here- comparatively.)

In Lewisville I got my

kitty fix, and met up with an old (great) friend for fantastic veggie enchiladas.

Then in Austin I got my fill of

lust for midcentury furniture

arrogant driving dogs (they never obey the signals)

uppity (and urban) tweeter twits

and a sadly revised Austin skyline.

I still love it, though.

(edited 1/20) I just noticed that most of these photos are squashed. Well, I was working on Patrick's stupid pc laptop, and got the wrong dimensions. I'm leaving it to remind myself how much I like have my Mac and appropriate software. Sorry for the squish.

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