Friday, May 29, 2009

so there, Smartypants.

Today is Rachel's (of Camp Smartypants) last day here at work, as she is moving on to a lazy summer in Portland. I'm going to miss her like crazy, so I poured some of my anxiety into making her a big R so she will remember me forever.

Used -
my fantastic woodtype book (for R shape)
repurposed cardboard
gummed paper tape (awesome)
masking tape
Yes! paste
12x18 printed paper
1 tiny piece of Classic Crest paper
2 buttons

bye ♡


  1. gah, i can't get over how cool this thing is! I am jealous for sure! :)

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  3. You are THE master crafter! I absolutely love my R. Your the best! I will so so miss you when I move to PDX, so you'll have to come visit lots!

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  5. This was truly a stroke of brilliance and beauty. It was incredible to watch Rachel's mind racing with new phases of this new "R" in her midst. Nice work lady!

  6. I'm soooo impressed. A true gift. Except now I want a J? What to do, what to do?